SR1911 M.A.S.T. Base Plate

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WE are proud to announce our M.A.S.T.

The Magazine Auxiliary Striker Tool is revolutionizing Close Quarter Combat defense situations. (M.A.S.T.) features a serrated tapered strike edge specifically manufactured to enhance its effectiveness as a defensive strike tool.

The (M.A.S.T.) is designed to maximize the impact force of a defensive blow to an assailant during any "Use of Force" situation where discharge of a firearm may not be viable.Attaching the (M.A.S.T.) billet aluminum striker (not cheap plastic) to the end of 8 round SR1911 magazines also gives a weapon enhanced capabilities. This includes, but is not limited to: Ease of removal of the magazine from a weapon, Protection of the magazine from hard surface damage in "drop and discard" reloading situations, and if a firearm related attack persists causing ammunition depletion, or critical weapon malfunction disabling your weapon, the striker can be used to inflict a devastating defensive blow while attached or even after the magazine is removed from the weapon. The striker can also be used as a window punch in emergency situations.Ideal for law enforcement, military, and security personnel for pain-compliance techniques or even personal defense.

These are made proudly in the USA!They are made of billet aluminum and slide on and lock in (not cheap screws) to the bottom of 8 round single stack mags for your SR1911. I currently offer these in raw silver, but am able to sandblasted silver, or powder coated black for a few bucks more just working out those details now. I will have pictures of the black powder coat tomorrow just for show and as examples.

Billet Striker plate
Billet Striker plate


These come black or silver duracoating
These come black or silver duracoating
These come black or silver duracoating